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Wall of Fame Nomination Form

  1. Please complete one Nomination Form per nominee.
  2. How To Complete the Nomination Form
    1. Complete the nominee information.
    2. Complete Section 1: Athletic Achievement(s)
    3. Complete Section 2: Summary of Achievements.
    4. Upload supplemental documentation such as photos of the nominee, letters of reference, news articles, team rosters, etc.
    Note: The more information included at the time of submission will assist the Nomination Committee in the selection process.
    5. Complete Section 3: Nominator's Information
  3. Nominee Information
    Complete the fields below by indicated the nominee's contact information.
  4. In the fields below, indicate the total number of years and time frame the nominee lived in Yorba Linda.
  5. Section 1: Athletic Ahievement(s):
    Check the box(es) corresponding to any of the athletic achievements achieved by the nominee. Complete the years of achievement and titles of achievement for each item(s) selected (additional fields will appears as items are selected).
  6. Type of Atheletic Achievement:*
  7. Section II: Summary of Achievement(s):
    Supplemental documentation and/or letters of reference may also be included. For team nominations, a copy of a team roster, including the names and addresses of all team members must be submitted with the nomination form. Past winners include professional athletes, Olympians, collegiate All- Americans, State and National Championship teams, and other athletes and/or teams of similar caliber.
  8. In about one page, describe the nominee's achievement(s) and reason fro nomination. Nominators may write information in the field, or upload a document in the file upload section below.
  9. Upload supplemental documentation such as letters of reference, team roster, photos, news articles, etc. in the file upload section below. Preferred digital format is PDF, JPG, EPS, or TIF files with a minimum 300dpi. Electronic file name must include nominee's first and last name and description of file (i.e. JohnDoeLetterofReference.pdf, JohnDoeNewsArticle.jpg, JohnDoeTeamRoster.jpg).
  10. Section III: Nominator's Information (person completing the form)
  11. Photo Release and Waiver*
    PHOTO RELEASE - The Parks and Recreation Department may take, use, and publish photos of participants for publicity purposes. Photos of participants are used in the City's Activity Guide, City’s website, and media publications (i.e. flyers or video streams) to promote recreation classes and programs, I hereby grant the City of Yorba Linda permission to use my likeness, name, voice and words in any broadcast, telecast or print media account of this event or activity free of charge. IF THE PARTICIPANT IS A MINOR, his or her custodial parent or legal guardian must read and execute this agreement. I hereby warrant that I am the custodial parent or legal guardian of the above stated participant who is a minor, on my own and said minor’s behalf to the terms and conditions of the foregoing release.
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