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Park Review Report

  1. Please complete an evaluation of our parks by rating each area. When completed, please press the Submit button, or if you prefer, print it out and mail to the address provided at the end of the survey.
  2. Litter
  3. Trash Receptacles Empty
  4. Turf/Grass Area
  5. Shrubs/Plants
  6. Broken Tree Limbs/Tree Issues
  7. Sink Holes/Erosion
  8. Graffiti
  9. Picnic Shelter
  10. Tables/Benches/Bleachers
  11. BBQ Grills
  12. Restroom Exterior
  13. Restroom Interior
  14. Playground Equipment
  15. Fencing/Backstops
  16. Drinking Fountains
  17. Lighting
  18. Signage
  19. Parking Lot
  20. Tennis/Basketball/Volleyball Courts
  21. Sidewalks/Stairs
  22. Multi-use Trails
  23. Thank you for helping keep our parks safe, clean, and attractive!
  24. You may print and mail this form to Yorba Linda Parks and Recreation Department, 4845 Casa Loma Avenue, Yorba Linda, CA 92886, or email If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (714) 961-7160.
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