I want to start a business in the City. What do I do?

Outlined below are three important questions to ask before opening a business in the City:

  1. Is the type of business permitted at that specific location? Contact the City's Planning Division at (714) 961-7130 for assistance in determining.
    1. If yes, proceed to Step 2.
    2. If no, another location must be selected where the type of business is permitted.
  2. Does the type of business require any special types of permits (i.e. Conditional Use Permit)?
    1. Contact the City's Planning Division for assistance in determining permit requirements.
      1. If yes, an entitlement application must be submitted and approved prior to starting your business. Contact the City's Planning Division for more information.
      2. If no, please proceed to Step 3.
  3. Is any construction planned (i.e. tenant improvements, electrical, plumbing, etc.)?
    1. If yes, a building permit is required. Contact the City's Building Division at (714) 961-7120. 
    2. If no, a Business License must be obtained prior to opening your businesses.

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11. I want to start a business in the City. What do I do?
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