What are the requirements for a home-based business?

Home occupations require a home occupation permit and are limited to the following criteria:

  • There shall be only limited stock-in-trade associated with the home occupation, provided that keeping of such stock does not conflict with the other provisions of the Zoning Code, and provided such stock does not hinder the parking of vehicles in a garage. 
  • A home occupation shall be conducted in a dwelling and shall be clearly incidental to the use of the structure as a dwelling.
  • There shall be no external alteration of a dwelling in which a home occupation is conducted, and the existence of a home occupation shall not be apparent beyond the boundaries of the site, except for a nameplate in accord with the provisions of Chapter 18.24 of the Zoning Code.
  • No one other than a resident of the dwelling shall be employed in the conduct of a home occupation.
  • No motor or mechanical equipment shall be permitted other than normally incidental to the use of the structure as a dwelling.
  • A home occupation shall not create any radio or television interference or create noise audible beyond the boundaries of the site.
  • No smoke, odor, liquid or solid waste shall be emitted.
  • No vehicles or trailers, including pick-up trucks and vans, or construction or other equipment, except those normally incidental to residential use, shall be kept on the site.
  • A home occupation shall not create pedestrian, automobile, or truck traffic significantly in excess of the normal amount in the district.

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