What if I do/do not want to be contacted regarding this request?

All correspondence will be made via the email address you provide. If you would like to be contacted directly regarding your request, please make a note in the Description field (on the web portal) or the Notes field (on the MyCivic 311 mobile app) that you want to be contacted and what the best way to reach you is. If you do not want to be contacted, you can place that in the notes as well. You will receive an email notification that your request has been received as well as a notification when that request has been closed.

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1. What is this new system and what does it do?
2. How do I create an account?
3. Is there a difference between the online portal and the MyCivic 311 mobile app?
4. What requests can be made in the system?
5. I already have an account in CivicPlus, do I need to make a new one?
6. What if my request is an emergency?
7. Who is Tyler and why do they want my information?
8. Can I upload videos?
9. Who do I contact to follow up on my request?
10. What happens if I forgot my password?
11. What if I do/do not want to be contacted regarding this request?
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13. I want to make my request anonymously; can I do that?
14. Who sees my requests?
15. What if my request is different than any of the options listed?
16. How do I go back to the beginning?
17. Where can I find the information and/or download the app?
18. Who do I contact for technical questions?