What organizations qualify for the Resident Non-Profit Rate?

In order to qualify for Yorba Linda resident non-profit and church rates, organizations must provide proof of the following and must be verified by Community Center staff prior to receiving the resident non-profit and church rates.  Visit the rental policy and procedures page for further information on the reservation timeline and rental classifications.  

  • State of California Franchise Tax Board exemption under Sections 23701d, 23701e, 23701f, 23701g, 23701w or 501(c)(3) of the Revenue and Taxation Code. 
  • Yorba Linda Based organizations shall be based in Yorba Linda. Proof of residency shall be based on their tax-exempt status filing with the IRS and State of California. 
  • Have minimum of 60% Yorba Linda residents and/or 60% with Yorba Linda business addresses. A membership roster and the nonprofit tax exemption number shall be submitted on a yearly basis as a condition of any organization receiving classification in this group.

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