Can you give me a list of all the inspections I will need?

Projects can vary in complexity from the construction of an entirely new building to a simple interior kitchen remodel.  Similarly, the types of inspections that a project may require can also vary significantly. The required inspections are listed on the project job card. However, if you are unsure whether an inspection is necessary, you may always contact the staff at the Building Division which includes our Inspectors. 

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1. What time will the building inspector be at my job site?
2. Can I look up my building inspection on-line and see if the inspection has passed or failed?
3. Why do you need to come into my home for a smoke detector/ carbon monoxide detector inspection?
4. Can you give me a list of all the inspections I will need?
5. Do I need to be at the job site when the building inspector arrives?
6. How do I change the contractor listed on my permit?
7. Can I schedule my building inspection for a specific time of the day?
8. How long will the building inspection take?
9. Will the building inspector call the contractor to inform him that an inspection has failed?
10. Who is qualified to serve as a deputy inspector?
11. Do I need the “Approved” plans at the jobsite when the building inspector arrives?
12. Is the city open or closed this Friday?