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Posted on: May 16, 2018

Protect Your Garden from Deadly Citrus Disease

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Citrus trees are an iconic symbol of Yorba Linda history. They are a beloved plant choice for home gardens in California and it’s no surprise why, as they have delightfully fragrant white blossoms and colorful fruit you can juice, preserve, or eat fresh.

If you are considering planting a citrus tree on your property this spring or summer,  be sure to get a plant from a licensed nursery in your area. Additionally, you will need to plan ahead to manage pests and diseases on your tree throughout its lifetime – like Huanglongbing (HLB), an incurable citrus tree disease that has killed hundreds of residential citrus trees throughout Southern California. Follow these tips to protect your citrus tree:

  • Inspect trees for the Asian citrus psyllid and HLB monthly, or whenever watering, spraying, or pruning trees. Pest and disease management is critical to protect not just your own tree, but also your neighbors’ trees.  IF you spot the pest or disease, please call 800-491-7899;
  • For smaller young trees, apply water at the tree’s trunk. As the tree grows, water a larger area around the tree. Newly planted trees should be watered every three to seven days, and older trees can be watered every week or two;
  • Apply fertilizer. Ask your local nursery or garden center about which fertilizer is best; 
  • When grafting citrus trees, only use registered budwood that comes with source documentation, such as the budwood offered through the Citrus Clonal Protective Program; and
  • Be sure to dry out citrus tree clipping or double bag them before removing.

Thank you for helping to protect Yorba Linda's citrus trees.  

Visit California Citrus Threat online.
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