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Posted on: June 10, 2020

City's Response to Peaceful Protests

Message from the City of YL - latest news

Mayor’s Statement affirming peaceful protests

The following statement was issued on June 2, 2020:

“The City of Yorba Linda is deeply saddened by the pain being felt across our community and our nation. Our residents and city officials acknowledge the underlying cause of these protests and the racial disparities that undermine our communities. We stand with our neighbors whose life experiences have underscored the inequity of antiquated policies and beliefs. We also realize our police officers are the men and women who keep our communities safe when there are threats, and for that we have the deepest gratitude. We affirm the peaceful exercise of first amendment rights which are a foundation of our country’s freedoms. We do not tolerate violence or unrest, and we thank our community for acting peacefully.” – Mayor Dr. Beth Haney

Mayor’s Statement of thanks to our community

The following statement was issued on June 3, 2020:

“We thank all who expressed themselves peacefully last night while condemning hatred, brutality, and racism: none of which are welcome here in Yorba Linda. My City Council colleagues and I want you to know: we hear you, we see you, and we stand with you in addressing evil for what it is.
We are a city of people who care about each other. We are a city who embraces diversity and welcomes people with open arms. I hope that through constructive and honest conversation, we can build a safer, unified community for marginalized people.
We give deep thanks to the men and women of the Yorba Linda Police Services, and those from other agencies, whose careful preparation and planning allowed for last night’s peaceful expression, a constitutionally protected right, while also keeping our community, including the protestors, safe. Their professionalism and service, every day, makes Yorba Linda a place we can be proud to call home.
We commend our community for living up to its motto as the land of gracious living, and likewise, we remain ready to work with our community to ensure peaceful dialogue, and action, in the future.” – Mayor Dr. Beth Haney.

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