Power Outages

Southern California Edison (SCE) provides electric power to Yorba Linda. Whether an outage is planned, unplanned, or necessary to avoid a disaster, the City of Yorba Linda urges residents to prepare for potential power outages at any time, but especially during summer and fall.

Have You Lost Power in Your Neighborhood?

If the power has gone out in your neighborhood, visit SCE's Outage Center and use the "View Outages" link. If the outage is not yet reported, use the "Report Outage" link to report the issue.

Outage Types

Maintenance Outage

Sometimes SCE may need to shut off your power temporarily to allow crews to perform maintenance and scheduled upgrades to electrical infrastructure safely. This can include replacing aging poles and multiple segments (or even many miles) of underground cables or overhead conductors.

Repair Outage

Unexpected events give rise to repair outages. Whether it’s a car crashing into a utility pole, high temperatures causing energy demand to overload power lines and transformers, severe weather, earthquakes, or something as simple as a metallic balloon caught in a line, an outage may occur.

Public Safety Power Shutoff

One critical tool used to prevent wildfires is the Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS), in which SCE may temporarily shut off power to your neighborhood during dangerous weather conditions to prevent the electric system from becoming a source of ignition. These safety shutoffs are a measure of last resort for keeping you and your community safe. SCE bases PSPS decisions on data gathered from fire scientists and meteorologists forecasting dangerous wildfire conditions and on real-time information from SCE crews in the field. SCE understands that a PSPS event can create hardships for affected customers, and the decision to shut off power is never taken lightly.

Visit SCE.com/PSPS to see if power in your neighborhood is shut off due to a PSPS or is under consideration for one.

Rotating Outage

A rotating outage, sometimes called a "rolling blackout," is a brief, controlled power outage mandated by the California Independent System Operator (CAISO). It is enacted by California’s publicly owned utilities, including SCE, to protect the integrity of the statewide electric system by easing demand on the overall electric supply during times of critically high usage, preventing wider, longer power outages. Such an outage is named for the way it alternates evenly throughout our service territory to ensure that no neighborhood is inconvenienced more than any other. It remains rare and lasts only about one hour.

Preparing for Outages

The key to staying safe and comfortable during a power outage is preparation. Planning ahead is easier than you think and the best way to ensure everyone’s safety until the lights come back on.

  1. Build an Outage Supply Kit
  • First aid kit: Include prescription medications – check the expiration dates.
  • Bottled water: Experts recommend a gallon per person per day.
  • Flashlights and batteries: Store them where you can find them easily in the dark.
  • Nonperishable food: Choose items that don’t require cooking or heating.
  • Manual can opener
  • Coolers, ice chests, and ice packs: Have a few in case of a lengthy outage. 
  • Special-needs items: This includes items for infants, the elderly, or the disabled.
  • Battery-operated radio: To access news reports.
  • Fresh batteries: For all battery-powered equipment.
  • External rechargeable battery pack: To charge cell phones and other electronic devices.
  • Noncordless phone: To plug into landlines during power outages.
  1. Home Preparation Checklist
  1. Electronics and Appliance Tips
  1. Food Safety Tips
  1. Medical Equipment Tips

Learn More

SCE hosts even more preparation information on its website