Solar Permits


Automated Solar Plan Review (Pilot Program)

Before applying for an automated solar plan review and solar permit, projects must follow certain requirements. At this time, SolarAPP+ is designed to provide a code-compliance check for the majority of residential, roof-mounted, retrofit photovoltaic systems. To see which systems are eligible, please refer to the Eligibility Checklist (PDF). Only projects that conform to this list are eligible to use the automated SolarAPP+ portal for instant permitting. See SolarApp+ Tutorials below for more information.

1. Submit for automated review through SolarAPP+

  • To start using SolarAPP+, register and submit your design through the SolarAPP+ web page.
  • A processing fee will be charged by SolarAPP+. Download the approved plans.

2. Apply for a permit with the City of Yorba Linda

  • An active City of Yorba Linda Business License is required. The contractor must also be added to the SolarAPP+ program eligibility list. Please email to request to be added to the program eligibility list.
  • Apply for a City of Yorba Linda SolarPV permit via the Accela Citizen Access Solar App, upload all documents & pay for the Permit.
  • Return the Signed permit card to the City.

3. Schedule Inspection

  • Once a permit has been issued, inspections can be scheduled by calling the Building Inspection Hotline at 714-854-7411 or using the Online Building Inspection Request tool. If you are unable to schedule an inspection using the hotline or web scheduling tool, please contact the Building Division at 714-961-7120. Alternatively, scan the following QR code with a smartphone to visit our online inspection scheduling site:

Building inspection request QR

SolarApp+ Tutorials