Holiday Decorating Contest

Learn more about the 2nd Annual Holiday Decorating Contest or submit an entry by reviewing the form below:

Holiday Decorating Contest Entry Form

  1. 2nd Annual Holiday Decorating Contest

    This holiday season, we’re on a mission to crown the best-decorated homes in Yorba Linda! Whether you are bursting with holiday spirit and plan to go “full Clark Griswold” or are aiming for something a little more understated… it’s time to untangle the light strings, patch up the inflatables, and submit an entry into Yorba Linda’s second annual Holiday Decorating Contest!

    All nominations will be added to our interactive Holiday Decoration Map. So even if you don't think you'll win -- we still want your nomination so we can spread holiday cheer all over town.

    Contest entries are due by Monday, December 11, so we have enough time to judge the entries and create the community map.

    Special awards will be given in several categories, with great prizes in store for the top honors.

    Contest Rules

    • Contest is limited to what can be seen from the street at night, and entries must include at least one photo or video, ideally taken at evening/night to showcase the decorations.
    • To officially enter the contest, please complete and submit this online form.
    • You may submit this form on behalf of another resident. 

    For more information, please call 714-961-7113. Please remember to stay safe while putting up those decorations!

    Form Details

  2. Please enter your first and last name.

  3. Who are you submitting this entry for?*
  4. The address of the home/business that has been decorated (not the submitter's address). If the address is unknown, please submit a description of the location ("3rd house on the east side of Yorba Linda Boulevard past the store," etc.)

  5. So we can contact you regarding questions or announcements.

  6. In case we need to contact you with any questions.

  7. Picture Upload

    All entries must include a photo or video showing the decorations. You may submit up to three files, but it is suggested that the first upload shows a wide view of your home's decorations from the street.

  8. Time to Submit!

    Please submit your entry by using the "Submit" button below. Please note that by entering the contest, you are giving the City permission to share your uploaded content on our social media posts and website to support the marketing of this contest.

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