Business Watch

Join Business Watch

In our commitment to bolstering partnerships with the City and business community, Yorba Linda Police Services would like to present Business Watch—a free crime prevention program that enlists the active participation of business owners in cooperation with law enforcement as we aim to prevent crime. 

Modeled after the nationwide Neighborhood Watch program, Business Watch encourages neighboring businesses to form a community that looks out for each other, communicates important information, and reports suspicious activity and crime. Such cooperative efforts make for a successful crime-fighting team and offer mutual aid assistance in times of disaster. This significantly impacts law enforcement’s ability to maintain safer business establishments and commercial complexes while working in cooperation with businesses. 

Business Watch offers an array of benefits including prompt after-hours notifications of incidents at the location, pertinent crime trend alerts, increased communication with Yorba Linda Police Services and fellow merchants, and safety tips or recommendations as needed. 

How To Sign Up

To register, please complete the Business Watch Enrollment Form (PDF). This information remains confidential and is essential in allowing us to contact business owners if a crime occurs at their business or in the event of an emergency. 

To finalize registration, a representative from Yorba Linda Police Services will arrange a time to visit the business and adhere a Business Watch sticker to the storefront window. In the event a crime occurs at the business, deputies will be able to retrieve your emergency contact information and contact you immediately regarding the incident.

Getting everyone involved contributes to a comprehensive approach to safety for each individual business as well as the entire business community. Remember, crimes against businesses are usually crimes of opportunity. The Orange County Sheriff's Department is here to protect and support you in your business needs. For program inquiries during business hours, please contact Yorba Linda Crime Prevention at 714-779-7098.

To report suspicious activities, people, or vehicles, contact our 24-hour Non-Emergency line at 714-647-7000 and select the option for Sheriff’s Dispatch. For an emergency or crime in progress, do not hesitate to dial 9-1-1.