Prop 218 Vote for L1B


A second community meeting is tentatively planned to be conducted virtually via a Microsoft Teams meeting. City staff anticipates that the meeting will take place in June 2023 and will provide a recap of the Prop. 218 information discussed for Zone L-1B at the first community meeting, an overview of the Community Survey results and a discussion regarding next steps for the Zone. Updates and a link to attend the virtual meeting will be provided via email (to those who have been added to the Zone email list) and on this site.

Community survey

A community survey was provided to Yorba Linda property owners residing within the boundary of LMAD Local Landscape Zone L-1B. The survey attempted to garner owner input regarding landscape maintenance and assessments for the zone. The survey allowed property owners within Zone L-1B to provide feedback to City staff regarding proposed maintenance options discussed during the community meeting. Property owners were able to scan a QR code with a smartphone, or click on a hyperlink to complete the first survey between January 23, 2023 and the extended deadline of Tuesday, February 28, 2023. Survey availability notices were also sent via email to addresses subscribed for LMAD Zone L-1B updates, and those who provided their email address to LMAD staff.  

Survey results have been tabulated and analyzed. Please visit the Community Survey Results Informational (PDF) to review the survey results. 


This Zone is located in the eastern corridor of the City of Yorba Linda. Properties within this Zone share and receive special benefit from the maintenance, servicing, and operation of approximately 1,182,740 square feet of designated landscape improvement areas. During the development of the Fiscal Year 2016/2017 Engineer’s report, it was identified that a substantial assessment increase would be required to eliminate General Fund subsidies. Zone L-1B was one of twelve Local Landscaping Zones that were balloted for an increased assessment during Fiscal Year 2016/2017 due to budgetary issues. A balloted assessment increase for the Zone failed, but a citizen group successfully petitioned the City Council to allow for a revised maintenance and budget scenario to be developed and considered via a future ballot in lieu of vacating landscape areas.

On June 26, 2017, the property owners within Local Landscaping Zone L-1B approved a proposed new/increased assessment through a second Property Owner Protest Ballot Proceeding. The approved increase included the temporary “fallow” level maintenance of some areas within the Zone to avoid vacating landscape easements. This reduced level of maintenance for portions of the zone lowered expenditures for several fiscal years. As a part of the Fiscal Year 2022/2023 Engineer’s Report, staff notified Council of an impending need for a Proposition 218 process. This process is being initiated and will culminate in modified assessments for property owners, or reduced maintenance levels.

A community meeting was held on Wednesday,  November 9, 2022 at 6 p.min the Multi-Purpose Room at Travis Ranch School. City staff provided a PowerPoint presentation (PDF) and answered questions regarding the upcoming Proposition 218 process. A second community meeting, which is planned to be held virtually, is tentatively planned for May of 2023 (updates will be provided via email and on this site).

 View the Community Outreach Letter L1-B (PDF)


A full description of the Proposition 218 Petition and Balloting process can be found on the City's dedicated Prop 218 webpage. In general, when a specific Local Landscape Zone’s budget is in a deficit scenario or trending to be in the next fiscal year, a Proposition 218 ballot measure may be warranted. Zone L-1B currently requires such a remedy to correct projected budgetary constraints. Prior to any ballot efforts being undertaken, Council has required that a petition be initiated by property owners within the Zone and then be signed by 50% (+1) of property owners. If the requisite number of signatures are garnered, the owners are provided a ballot to vote on either of the following or a variation thereof:

  • Yes = To increase their assessment in their zone and retain the existing maintenance service levels; or
  • No = To keep their same assessments and reduce the maintenance service levels.

In general, with a Local Landscape Zone No-vote against increasing their assessments, the City will then reduce the amount of landscape maintenance areas it maintains in that Local Landscape Zone and vacate (relinquish) certain City landscape maintenance easements. A condensed flowchart explaining the Proposition 218 petition and balloting process can be viewed here.

More information coming soon!

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Determine Your LMAD Zone

To determine if you live in an LMAD Zone, visit Map Yorba Linda and search for your property address. You can also view the Map of LMAD Local Zone L-1B as a PDF attachment. The PDF attachment displays the boundary lines for properties within the Zone, along with interior street names.