Before Starting a Project

The City of Yorba Linda has several site characteristics that may require altering the design and construction of a proposed project.  Please consult the Yorba Linda Building Restrictions GIS Map to verify if any of these items are on your site.

Individual Item Layers

 There can be multiple items on a site, and therefore all the layers should be turned on individually to make an accurate assessment:

  • Fuel modification zone;
  • High fire severity zone;
  • Orange County Fire Authority Development areas;
  • Orange County Fire Authority Fuel Modification Zones;
  • Landslide areas;
  • Liquefaction zones;
  • Methane gas areas;
  • Oil Well(s);
  • Septic systems;
  • Sewer availability; and
  • Whittier Fault and trace fault lines

Yorba Linda’s Building Department is here to help applicants navigate the requirements of these site characteristics. Please contact the Building Department at 714-961-7120 before starting the design process. Our staff is available to assist with any questions related to design, materials, and the construction process of any project.

Example: If a property is located within a high fire zone, a simple re-roof project will require different underlayment materials, vent replacements, and inspection processes than a property not located in a high fire severity zone. Knowing these requirements will be extremely helpful when designing and estimating the costs of a reroofing project.

Erosion Control

My site is less than 1 acre; does this still apply to me?

If your project is less than one acre, and you are disturbing any soil, then these erosion control and pollution prevention requirements will apply to your site. When submitting plans, please indicate how these requirements will be implemented.

Here to Help

If you have any questions before you start any construction project, please contact The Building Department at 714-961-7120.