Before Starting a Project

The City of Yorba Linda has several unique constraints that can impact the design of local construction projects. There are specific site constraints within City boundaries that must be considered during the design process. These constraints include:

  • fuel modification zones;
  • high fire severity zones;
  • landslide areas;
  • liquefaction zones;
  • methane gas areas;
  • oil well(s); and
  • the Whittier Fault line.

Yorba Linda's Building Department is here to help applicants navigate these constraints. By contacting the Building Department during or before the design process, staff can guide an applicant through the various constraints which may affect the design or materials used in a construction project. For example, if a property is located within a high fire severity zone, a re-roof project will require different materials than a property not located in a high fire severity zone. Knowing the necessary requirements will be extremely helpful when designing your project and can help save time and costs associated with a possible redesign due to site constraints.

Here to help

Before you start any construction project, please contact the Building Department at 714-961-7120 and ask about what constraints may affect your project.