Building Board of Appeals

On April 20, 2021, the Yorba Linda City Council adopted Resolution No. 2021-5743 authorizing the establishment of a Building Board of Appeals. The City of Yorba Building Board of Appeals' function is to consider and decide appeals to the application and interpretation of the technical (non-administrative) provisions of the adopted building codes made by the City of Yorba Linda. 

The Building Board of Appeals meets on an as-needed basis only. Its members are not City employees, but they are knowledgeable in the applicable building codes, regulations, and ordinances. To file an appeal to the Building Board, please contact the Building Official.

The procedures for the Board's hearing of appeals generally shall be applied as described in the Board's adopted Operating and Hearing Procedures. Where not directly discussed therein, the Board shall operate in compliance with the procedures outlined in Appendix B - Building Board of Appeals of the 2019 California Building Code.


Building Board of Appeals Hearing Agenda - June 2, 2021

Building Board of Appeals Hearing Agenda - June 14, 2021

Building Board of Appeals Hearing Agenda - June 24, 2021