City Council Policies

The Yorba Linda City Council Policies establish a system of City Council policies that provide broad, general guidelines to the City Manager for the administration, operation, and general health, safety, and welfare of the City pursuant to the Yorba Linda Municipal Code.


Pursuant In order to effectively carry out the day-to-day operations of the City, the City Manager and staff depend on an extensive body of laws, regulations, ordinances, codes, and policies for direction. Many of the policies promulgated by the City Council, such as those dealing with land use and zoning issues, have been codified by ordinance or resolution into

the Municipal Code, General Plan, etc.

Many times, however, the City Council may establish a policy that in actuality is simply an expression of its desire to see certain outcomes achieved relative to particular situations or circumstances. In these policies, which are frequently adopted by minute order of the Council, no specific legal language is developed and codified which prescribes specific actions and/or measures. From these broad policies, the City Manager and staff develop administrative procedures designed to achieve the Council's goals and objectives. These policies provide staff with general direction and are not intended to limit the City Manager's flexibility to adapt administrative procedures for different circumstances as needed.


The City of Yorba Linda shall maintain documentation of City Council policies that are not officially codified into the various legal documents maintained by the City. The purpose of these policies is to provide general direction to the City Manager and staff to develop administrative procedures which are consistent with the City Council's goals and objectives.

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