Yorba Linda Strategic Plan 2020

At the March 17, 2020 City Council Meeting, the Yorba Linda City Council adopted Resolution No. 2020-5659 (PDF) approving the 2020 Yorba Linda Strategic Plan (PDF)


The City’s strategic planning process is a management tool for identifying the City’s past achievements, future goals and objectives, and setting the course necessary to achieve these objectives. The planning process also assists the City in adapting to changes occurring within and outside the organization and in directing the City’s efforts and resources to focus on its highest priorities. The City of Yorba Linda’s 2020 Strategic Plan aims to build upon the City’s past achievements, set new priorities and goals, and guide the City’s focus and resources for the next three years.

Mission, Vision, Theme, and Core Strategies

The Strategic Plan identifies a new mission statement, vision statement, guiding values, a strategic plan theme, and six core strategies. Furthermore, the Plan identifies 30 separate goals in support of the 6 core strategies and 97 specific actions with key performance indicators have been set to assist in achieving these goals in the next three years.

Progress toward achieving the commitments outlined in the Plan will be measured, monitored, and reported to the City Council and to the community on an annual basis.  Additionally, the City Council and City management staff will review the Strategic Plan document, discuss progress toward strategic goals, and make necessary revisions and amendments annually.

Mission Statement

The City of Yorba Linda enhances quality of life by providing exceptional services and amenities in a transparent and financially responsible manner that responds to and exceeds community expectations.

Vision Statement 

The City of Yorba Linda is a welcoming, gracious, and prestigious community that remains safe and financially sound, where families and businesses thrive.

Guiding Values

  • Excellence - Exceeding the standard and striving to maximize performance.
  • Honesty and Integrity - Displaying honesty, ethics, and good character while always demonstrating sound judgment.
  • Stewardship - Managing resources and assets of the City in a responsible, accountable, and transparent manner.
  • Dependability and Dedication - Being reliable and committed to serving others.
  • Professionalism - Exhibiting professional conduct and carrying out duties that display technical and interpersonal excellence in a manner that exceeds the community’s expectations.
  • Caring and Kindness - Commitment to serve the community by displaying compassion and empathy in a friendly manner.

Strategic Plan Theme

 Yorba Linda...Exceptional! 

Core Strategies 

Strategy 1: Deliver exceptional City services in a customer-friendly manner.
Strategy 2: Maximize and strengthen the image, visual quality, and brand of the City.
Strategy 3: Sustain and enhance the City’s long-term financial position.
Strategy 4: Ensure a safe community through continued public safety efforts.
Strategy 5: Foster long-term prosperity through economic growth and support of a vibrant business community.
Strategy 6: Improve and expand City infrastructure, facilities, and amenities.