Retail Enhancement Program

Overview & Objectives

The City of Yorba Linda has established the Retail Enhancement Program to encourage owners of retail businesses, shopping centers, or business associations within a retail district to improve the retail environment within the city. Eligible applicants can apply for a small grant of up to $2,500 to enhance, attract and/or encourage business patronage.


Applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible to apply:

  • Owner of a retail business (ie. retail storefront, eatery or restaurant, service-oriented business), a shopping center (ie. local or regional retail center), or a business association within a retail district (ie. Savi Ranch Freeway Business Association, Main Street Merchants Association).
  • Legal property owner(s) must consent to enhancement, improvement or event.
  • Building tenants must demonstrate that they have secured a lease for a minimum of three years and have obtained consent from the property owner.
  • City business license must be current
  • City permits are required when applicable
  • Property must be free from code violations, liens, judgments, fees, and/or outstanding property taxes
  • Each business/ property owner or association may receive grant funding only once per calendar year.
  • Identify a specific need for enhancement, improvement, or upgrade to A) the exterior of a building or common area OR B) a special or community business-related event that as a result will create at least one of the following public benefits:
    • Greater or enhanced shopping opportunities
    • Enhanced retail environment
    • Improved aesthetics to encourage patrons
    • Increased sales tax generation

The following are examples of eligible improvements, enhancements, and events that may qualify for a Retail Enhancement grant:

  • Improvement or enhancement to building facades or storefronts, such as awnings, signage, lighting, paint, windows, doors, planters, etc. 
  • Retail center improvements to common areas, such as monument signs, lighting, paint, landscaping, planters, etc.
  • General exterior lighting and landscaping improvements
  • Correction of code violations to the exterior of a business
  • Implementation of a business-oriented event that addresses one of the public benefits previously listed

Non-eligible examples include, but are not limited to:

  • General building repairs and maintenance items 
  • Architectural, engineering, or design fees 
  • Permit fees
  • Interior improvements
  • Historical restorations
  • Projects completed prior to application approval


Program funding is limited. Applicants will be processed on a first-come, first-qualified basis. The City of Yorba Linda retains the right to reject or postpone applications based on priorities, funding availability, and/or a project’s failure to meet eligibility requirements.

Application Process

Retail Enhancement Program grant applications must be submitted, along with any requested documentation, to:

Economic Development Division
Yorba Linda City Hall
4845 Casa Loma Avenue
Yorba Linda, CA 92886

The application packet should include:

  • Completed Retail Enhancement Program Application (PDF)
  • Project description, plans, conceptual drawings, or photos (if applicable)
  • Project budget and bids or qualified estimates of the requested enhancement, along with an explanation of necessity.

The City of Yorba Linda Economic Development Division will notify the applicant about the status of approval within 15 business days of submittal.  

Upon approval of the grant request, the project or event must commence within 60 days. Grant funds will be released to applicants as reimbursement after completion of the project or event, evidence payment, and proof of completion. All documentation, including invoices, receipts and post-project photos, shall be submitted for review before grant funds are released

Forms & Documents

Download the Retail Enhancement Program Application (PDF)

Download a printable version of the Retail Enhancement Program Guidelines (PDF)