Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS)

Expedited Permitting Process for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (ECVS)

There are two types of Electric Vehicle chargers - Level 1 and Level 2. An Electric Permit is required to install an Electrical Vehicle Charging Station.  

Level 1

Level 1 charges are smaller units that plug directly into a standard 120-volt receptacle outlet. These types of chargers do not require a permit from the Building Division as long as there are not changes to the electrical system to provide the 120-volt receptacle. Any changes to an electrical system require a permit prior to commencing the work.

Level 2

Level 2 charging systems require a 240-volt electrical circuit. Level 2 charger installations typically require an electrical permit and inspections of the installation. In order to obtain the permit, you will need to provide some basic information demonstrating electrical service capacity for the added load.

Submittal Requirements

  1. A completed application form “add fillable Application Form here”. All applications must include the following information:
    • A site plan and electrical plan with a single-line diagram.  The site plan must be drawn to scale and include full dimensions and include the following information:
      • Location, size, and use of all structures   
      • Location and size of the electrical panel for the charging system
      • The type of charging system and mounting required for the charging unit
      • Indicate if ventilation is required for the charging system, and if required, how the requirement will be achieved
    • Electric load calculation worksheet
    • Any additional information required from the checklist(s) in item #2 below
  2. Conformance with the eligibility checklist for expedited permitting. Complete and submit the appropriate Eligibility Checklist for expedited review. These checklists have been developed to streamline the permit, installation, and inspection process. As you complete the applicable checklist, you will be guided as to what plans, documents, or information are necessary.

Submittal PRocess

  1. Over the Counter Submittal - Permit applications must be submitted to the City of Yorba Linda Building and Safety Division in person at Yorba Linda City Hall.
  2. Electronic Submittal - Permit applications and plans must be submitted via email to the City of Yorba Linda Building Division. 
  3. Plan Review - Building and Safety Division staff will review your application and submittal information within ten business days.
  4. Fees - Fees are adjusted periodically by the State of California and based on the current adopted fee schedule.
  5. Inspections - Once all permits have been issued and the Electric Vehicle Charging Station is installed, it must be inspected for final approval.