Wall of Fame

Athletic Achievement Recognition

The purpose of this program is to honor exceptional athletic accomplishments by individual athletes or sports teams in Yorba Linda, and outstanding contributions by athletic organizations serving Yorba Linda.

Nomination Criteria

  • Individual nominees must have been a Yorba Linda resident when their accomplishment was completed and have lived in Yorba Linda for a minimum of three years. 
  • The individual must have been a positive role model in the community. 
  • Team nominations are considered if the membership of the team was comprised of at least 60% Yorba Linda residents, and the team represented a public or private school or a local non-profit sports organization serving Yorba Linda. 
  • The accomplishments must have been completed prior to the submittal deadline. 

The Selection Committee has the authority to consider other teams or individuals if special conditions warrant deviation from the nomination criteria. 

Nomination Forms

Thomas Lasorda Jr. Field House

4701 Casa Loma Avenue

Yorba Linda, CA 92886

Nomination Deadline

Nomination forms must be received no later than Friday, March 1, 2019 by 5:00 p.m.  Please call 714-961-7192 if you have any questions about this program.

Selection Procedure

The committee designated by the City of Yorba Linda will consider all teams or individuals who meet or exceed the criteria. Awards will be given only if the committee deems appropriate. Entries may be disqualified if submission criteria are not met and/or incomplete. Disqualified nominations may be resubmitted in future years for reconsideration. 

Winner Notification

Notifications letters/emails will be sent by March 22, 2019 to the individuals who submitted the nomination forms.

athletes inducted to the wall of fame

Since 1999, the City of Yorba Linda has honored the list of selected athletes by conducting an induction ceremony and reception at the Athletic Achievement Recognition Wall of Fame, located at the Thomas Lasorda Jr. Field House.


  • 2017 Esperanza High School Men's Basketball Team - CIF Division 2 State Champions
  • Steve Gullotti - 28 year El Dorado High School Varsity Baseball Coach


  • Dan Kennedy - Professional Soccer
  • Bill Neessen - Basketball Official


  • EDHS Varsity  Cheer Team - 3 time National Champions


  • Joseph Hawley was approved by the Commission but won’t be inducted until his NFL career is completed.


  • BOCA U14 Girls Soccer Team - Cal South State Champions, Regional Champions, National Champions.


  • Alan Gresham - El Dorado High School, UC Berkeley, and Team USA Water Polo- CIF and NCAA Champion, NCAA Player of the Year. 
  • 2009/10 Esperanza High School Women’s Soccer Team - CIF Division 1 Champions and So-Cal Regional State Champions. 


  • Nicole Leonard - Junior World Class Solo Dance World Champion in Artistic Roller Skating
  • Ricky Wells - Speedway Motorcycle Racing
  • Jeff Holguin - Olympian- Double Trap Shooting
  • Kaitlin Cochran - 2008 Arizona State National Championship Softball Team & USA Softball Team Member


  • Teresa Guidi - Esperanza HS & Loyola Marymount University Swimming & Water Pol o- All CIF, All American


  • 2007 Esperanza HS Boy’s Volleyball Team- CIF Champions & National Team of the Year
  • Esperanza HS Cheer & Song Program
  • Ryan Bousquet - CIF Track Champion & Esperanza HS Cross Country Assistant Coach
  • Emily Dunn - CIF Track Champion
  • Jayson Jablonsky - Volleyball
  • Lucille Mahoney - State & National Senior Olympic Medalist


  • 2006 El Dorado HS Football Team  - CIF Champions -  first in school’s history in any sport.


  • 2005 Esperanza HS Women’s Volleyball Team - CIF Champions & CIF State Regional Champs
  • 1990 Esperanza HS Football Team - CIF Champions
  • Chuck Bittick – Water Polo & Swimming
  • Marc Hill, Esperanza HS Women’s Basketball Coach
  • Jennifer Greene – Gymnastics
  • Stephanie Sampson – Track and Field


  • 2004 Esperanza HS Varsity Men’s Soccer Team - CIF Champions & #1 ranked team in California
  • 2004 Yorba Linda Pop Warner Pee Wee Ravens
  • Heather Bown – Olympic Volleyball Player
  • Toni Anderson – USC Volleyball
  • William “Travis” Pendleton – West Point Academy Track & Field


  • 2003 Esperanza HS Women’s Volleyball Team - CIF Champions & State Quarter Finalists
  • Steve Trachsel – Professional Baseball Player
  • 1997 Esperanza HS Men’s Volleyball Team - State Champions
  • 2003 Esperanza HS Men’s Water Polo Team - CIF Champions


  • Tim Wallach – Professional Baseball Player
  • 2002 Yorba Hills Little League 10 Year Old All Stars


  • Tracy Sharp – Soccer
  • Rick Davis – Soccer
  • Placentia Yorba-Linda Girls Softball Association - Softball National Champions


  • Don Aase – Professional Baseball Player
  • Gary Meek – Football Coach
  • Ron Pearse – Senior Softball & Basketball Awards
  • Esperanza Dance Team Program


  • Ross Newham – National Baseball Writer- LA Times
  • Bill Pendleton – 22 year Coach, Teacher and National Masters Champion in Shot Putt
  • Brenden Stai – Professional Football Player
  • 1999 El Dorado HS Baseball Team- State Champions


  • Katie Brown – Equestrian
  • John Force – NHRA Funny Car Racer
  • Kristy Kierulff – Volleyball & Track
  • Travis Kirschke – Professional Football Player
  • Mark Parlin – Football & National Champion Shot Putter
  • Mike Pawlawski – Professional Football Player
  • Courtney Pugmire – Track
  • 1986 Esperanza HS Baseball Team- National Champions
  • 1995 Yorba Hills Little League All Stars Team – World Series Participants