Rental Policies and Procedures

The Community Center Rental Policies and Procedures outline important details regarding the application and payment process, general regulations related to the facility, policies related to decorating and clean-up, insurance requirements, and policies related to serving alcohol and event cancellations. Based upon your rental classification, there are two sets of policies and procedures:

Reservation Timeline

Please use the following timeline to determine when you are able to reserve the facility based on your residency status.

  • Yorba Linda Non-Profit Organizations: May reserve 18 months prior to their event date.
  • Yorba Linda Residents & Commercial Businesses: May reserve 15 months prior to their event date.
  • Non-Resident Organizations and Individuals: May reserve 12 months prior to their event date.

General Events

The Community Center Rental Policies and Procedures (PDF) is to be completed for resident and non-resident private and commercial classifications.

Yorba Linda Non-Profits And Churches, PYLUSD, & Government Agency Events

The Yorba Linda Based Non-profit and Churches, PYLUSD, and Government Agencies Policies and Procedures (PDF) is to be completed by organizations within these classifications.  Yorba Linda-based non-profit organizations and churches must be verified by Community Center staff prior to receiving the resident non-profit and church rates. In order to qualify for Yorba Linda resident non-profit and church rates, organizations must provide proof of the following:

  • State of California Franchise Tax Board exemption under Sections 23701d, 23701e, 23701f, 23701g, 23701w or 501(c)(3) of the Revenue and Taxation Code. 
  • Yorba Linda Based organizations shall be based in Yorba Linda. Proof of residency shall be based on their tax-exempt status filing with the IRS and State of California. 
  • Have minimum of 60% Yorba Linda residents and/or 60% with Yorba Linda business addresses. A membership roster and the nonprofit tax exemption number shall be submitted on a yearly basis as a condition of any organization receiving classification in this group.

Liability Insurance

  • All rentals users of the facility are required, at their own expense, to provide liability insurance meeting the City's  Facility Rental Liability Insurance Requirements (PDF) for the duration of the event. If the rental user cannot provide their own insurance, insurance must be purchased from the City's insurance provider at an additional cost ranging from $69 to $500 based on the type of event.

Alcohol Policy & Procedures

For further information on alcohol policies and procedures, please view the Alcohol Policy & Procedures section of the Policies and Procedures rental documents listed above. Important items pertaining to the Alcohol Policy include:

  • Alcohol may be served or sold (additional insurance may be required);
  • Alcohol service is limited to five and one-half (5 1/2) consecutive hours and must end one-half (1/2) hour prior to the end of the event;
  • The Community Center's contracted security guard service is required at all events serving alcohol with 100 or more people in attendance. The security guard service must be present from the time guests arrive through the end of the clean-up hour. The hourly rate for one security guard is $26 per hour;
  • All private parties and commercial events, as outlined in the alcohol policy, serving alcohol are required to enter into an agreement with Center Wedding & Events to purchase and serve alcohol. Further details on the bar pricing and available packages can be obtained by contact the Community Center or Center Wedding & Events at 657-242-4568; and
  • Patrons of the facility may not bring their own alcohol to events. All alcohol must be provided by Center Wedding & Events.