New Public Library & Cultural Arts Center

Public Library & Arts Center Conceptual

About the Project

The City of Yorba Linda, the Yorba Linda Public Library and the Yorba Linda Department of Parks and Recreation are working to design and construct two new facilities that will house the new library and a new arts-related space. The new facilities will be built off Lakeview Ave, just north of Yorba Linda Blvd, across from the Town Center development area that is under construction now.  The new library will be approximately three blocks from the current library.  It will be home to the Public Library as well as a new Cultural Arts Center.

Project Completion

It is presently anticipated that the new facility will be opening in early to summer 2020.  The current library will remain in operation until the opening of the new facility.

More Information 

For the most up to date information on this project, including conceptual designs, project timeline, and related documents, please visit the New Public Library and Cultural Arts Center project website.