LMAD Zones

LMAD Zones

Several neighborhoods within Yorba Linda are located within one of the City's LMAD Zones.  There are two types of Landscaping Zones, Local Landscaping Zones and Arterial Landscaping Zones.

Local Landscaping Zones

There are 33 Local Landscaping Zones located in Yorba Linda.  The boundaries of each Local Landscaping Zone are established on the basis of location, extent and types of improvements or similarities in types of improvements being maintained through District assessments. Furthermore, boundaries are established with consideration to distinct benefits properties derive from those improvements, based on proximity to those specific improvements and the nexus between the development of the properties that required or facilitated the installation of those improvements.    

Arterial Landscaping Zones

There are 9 Arterial Landscaping Zones located in Yorba Linda.  Arterial Landscaping Zones have been established to reflect the proportional special benefit properties within the District received from the District maintained arterial landscape improvements.  The boundaries of each Arterial Landscaping Zone are based on the improvements being maintained through the District assessments and the relationship and proximity of the developments and properties that derive special benefit from these improvements.   

LMAD Zone Locator Tool

To determine your home's LMAD zone, visit Map Yorba Linda, the City's web-based mapping application.

LMAD Zone Maps

For additional assistance, please contact the Public Works Department at 714-961-7170.