Special Event Permit

A Special Event refers to any show, entertainment, circus, carnival, dance, exhibition, festival, lecture, concert, parade, sporting event, auction or other similar activity which is open to the public, but does not include events defined as Temporary Uses. Special Events require the approval of a Special Event Permit (PDF).

Temporary Use Permit

Temporary uses are land uses which are established for a limited duration with the intent to discontinue such use upon the expiration of the time period. The following temporary uses require the approval of a Temporary Use Permit (PDF):

  • Christmas tree lots
  • Subdivision sales offices, model homes, contractor's offices/storage yards, and construction trailers
  • Outdoor art and craft shows and exhibits
  • Outdoor special sales
  • Produce stands
  • Banners
  • Balloon displays for one-time special event

Noise Permit

Noise Permit Application (PDF)