Animal Control Services

About Animal Services

Animal control and shelter services in the City of Yorba Linda are provided by Orange County Animal Care (OCAC). Pursuant to the terms of the current agreement, OCAC provides all animal care services on behalf of the City including:

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  • Control Services: Patrolling and impounding of stray animals and of owner-released animals, rabies control, enforcement of leash and nuisance laws, the barking dog ordinance, animal cruelty investigations, citation issuance, impound fee collection for impounded animals, and other related services.
  • Special Services: Renewal of existing licenses,  door-to-door canvassing for license compliance,  and mail processing of first-time dog licenses.
  • Shelter Services: Board and care of animals impounded at the shelter.
  • Barking Dog Complaint Services: Provides a service to residents for dog barking complaints in their neighborhood.

City Regulations

The following residential rules and regulations are governed by the Yorba Linda Municipal Code.

Allowable Animals

  • Three adult dogs or cats are allowed per household. Every person owning or having custody of four or more dogs or cats over the age of 4 months must receive approval of a Conditional Use Permit from the Planning Commission.
  • Dogs over the age of 4 months who have been in the City for more than 30 days are required to have a dog license and shall wear the license at all times. 
  • Property owners or occupants are responsible for any animal cry or sound which may disturb the peace and comfort of the neighbors.
  • Horses are permitted by right on properties in the RA, RLD, and RE zone with a lot size of 15,000 square feet and are permitted in the RS and RU zones under certain restrictions subject to a Conditional Use Permit.

Animal Care

  • Animal waste must be removed and disposed of by the person having custody of the animal. It must be disposed of in a sanitary manner. All manure must be removed from the ground and stalls at least once per day and placed in covered containers, which must be removed from the premises or composted at least once per week.
  • Touch or float-activated watering devices with automatic shut-off shall be used for animal drinking in lieu of standing water troughs in order to minimize the potential for mosquitoes.

Stray, Found, or Dead Animals

If you locate a stray, found, or dead animal, please call Orange County Animal Care's Service Request Line at 714-935-6848, and OC Animal Care will pick up the animal. It is OCAC’s goal to handle all calls for service as quickly as possible.

Pet Licensing

All dogs in Orange County over the age of four months are required by law to be licensed and vaccinated against rabies. Residents owning or having custody of any dog must license the dog within 15 days of acquisition or within 15 days after the license becomes due.  For more information on licensing, please visit OCAC’s website or call 714-935-6848.

Lost Pets

To locate your lost pet currently housed at OC Animal Care's Shelter, visit OCAC’s website.

Reporting Procedures

Barking Dog Complaints

A barking dog nuisance is a violation of the City's Municipal Code. Orange County Animal Control handles all enforcement for barking dogs and animal nuisances. For more information on barking dog complaints, the barking dog complaint process, and the complaint form, please visit OCAC’s website or call OCAC’s Operations Department at 714-796-6442. 

Report Wildlife Sightings

Snakes - Rattlesnake and common snake sightings can be reported to Orange County Animal Control at 714-935-6848 or at 714-259-1122 after business hours. 

Coyotes - While OC Animal Care understands residents' concerns regarding coyote sightings, they are not licensed to trap or relocate healthy wildlife and therefore do not provide coyote management services. Please contact the City of Yorba Linda to report a coyote sighting

Report Animal Bites

Residents are required by law to report any bite or scratch from a domestic or wild animal. When any warm-blooded animal breaks the skin of a human with its teeth, the human may be exposed to rabies. To report an animal bite or scratch from a domestic or wild animal, call OCAC at 714- 796-6421 or complete an online form available on OCAC's website.