Reporting Code Enforcement Violations

Complaints regarding violations of COVID-19 Restrictions or orders

The City's Community Preservation Department is only able to investigate complaints regarding the City's municipal code. If you would like to report a violation of a COVID-related State or County order, please contact the City's Coronavirus Information hotline at 714-984-5900, Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., to be referred to the appropriate authorities.

Filing a Complaint

Ways to submit a code enforcement violation:

  • By Online Report: To file a complaint with Community Preservation, please complete the online Report a Code Violation Form (highly encouraged).
  • By Phone: You can also file a complaint with the City of Yorba Linda by calling the hotline number at 714-961-7138. You may leave a voicemail  24 hours a day. Please provide information regarding the address of the property, a description of the nature of the activity, and any other relevant information.

Confidentiality Policy

Complaints may be filed anonymously, however, you may wish to provide your contact information so that our code enforcement staff can contact you to discuss your complaint in detail. The names of all complainants are maintained in confidence by the City and will not be released except as required by law.

Investigating Complaints

Once a complaint is received, a Code Enforcement Officer will conduct an inspection to determine whether a violation is occurring. If a violation is determined, the Code Enforcement Officer will prioritize the violation as: 

  1. High priority violations - Violations that pose an immediate or readily apparent threat to health, safety or the environment, such as prohibited discharge into the stormwater system;
  2. Medium priority violations - Violations that do not constitute an immediate or readily apparent threat to health, safety or the environment, but have the potential to do so if left uncorrected; or
  3. Low priority violations - All other violations, such as signs, shopping carts, basketball hoops, trash cans, etc.

The Code Enforcement Officer will continue the Code Enforcement process until compliance with the Municipal Code is achieved.