Homeless Liaison Officer Program

Homeless Liaison Officers (HLO) are Deputies assigned to Patrol and other assignments who recognize the need in the community for the rapid provision of resources to the homeless community. They receive additional training on mental illness and how to connect the homeless population with available services and resources. 

This is done by communicating and collaborating with multi-disciplinary service providers and partnering governmental agencies including South County Outreach, Orange County Mental Health, Veterans Services, Families Forward, Coast to Coast and Ashland House to name a few. These organizations help provide the individualized and specific support needed to address unmet life necessities. 

Necessities & Services

These necessities include short term and long-term housing, employment opportunities, mental health services, food gift cards, gas cards, socks, clothing, and hygiene kits which the HLO officers have access to for those in need. 

HLO’s have also transported homeless individuals to the Social Security Office, and to various courts and government offices to assist them in navigating the system to receive Identification cards, renew driver licenses, pay court fines, and setting the individuals up with employment opportunities to help them get their lives on track.

Assisted Successfully

A Homeless Liaison Officer Mark is assigned to the City.