Crime Statistics

Review the Sheriff's Blotter

Take a look at recent activity in your community and surrounding areas using the Sherriff's Blotter. The Sheriff's Blotter enables residents to know daily what activity is occurring in their communities by time, type of call, and location. Seven-day and 30-day views are available. 

The data is taken from the official calls for service records kept by the Orange County Sheriff's Department. It is a comprehensive list excluding only those calls where the release of the information could cause harm to an individual or where the release of the information would jeopardize the investigation of a criminal case.

Review Crime Statistics

The Crime Statistics feature allows the user to search crime by area, which includes city or street. Visit the Orange County Sheriff's Department website for more information on services provided.

Crime Mapping

The Crime Mapping service allows users to view crime data on an interactive map that utilizes graphic icons to denote different categories of crimes. Users also have the ability to receive customized alerts, search by 15 different categories of crime, and analyze crime activity near a home, school, or business.