Yorba Linda has an ambitious Citywide system of over 100 miles of trails coordinated for use by hikers, bikers, and equestrians. These trails are intended to also enhance open space opportunities by providing non-vehicular linkages to open space areas and recreational facilities. Several of the trails are part of a regional system that provides linkages to Carbon Canyon Regional Park, Chino Hills State Park, the Orange County Santa Ana River Trail facilities, and Yorba Regional Park located adjacent to the City boundaries. 

In April of 2005, the Yorba Linda City Council approved the most recent Riding, Hiking, and Bikeway Trails Component of the General Plan, also referred to as the Master Plan of Trails (PDF). Since then, a number of recommended trail linkages have been completed throughout the city.

Staging Areas

Yorba Linda has three staging areas that accommodate trailer parking. The Casino Ridge and Quarter Horse staging areas have direct routes into Chino Hills State Park.  Gun Club Road Linear Park has an indirect route that connects to Chino Hills State Park. 

Trails Route Spotlight

Discover and experience new routes of trails throughout Yorba Linda.  The Route Spotlight will highlight monthly routes of varying distances using trails and connections throughout Yorba Linda.  Explore the beautiful trails by trying each route below.  You may also print a copy of the Yorba Linda Trails Map (PDF) and take it along with you as you discover all of the various trails and connections as you create your own route!

View past editions of the Trails Spotlight.