Senior Grocery Program


This program is intended to provide groceries to those in need.  The items will include only non-perishable food items, and should be enough to accommodate 75-120 families.

  • Distribution Schedule: Grocery items will be distributed via a car drive-thru process every Thursday from 7:45 to 8:45 a.m. 
  • Location: Yorba Linda Community Center, 4501 Casa Loma Avenue
  • Program Eligibility: This program is intended for low-income households; however, no ID or income verification is required. Participants sign-in, indicate their city of residence, and number of people in their household.
  • Distribution Method:  Due to COVID-19 concerns, food will be distributed to cars via a drive-thru process. Cars may only enter through the eastern driveway located off of Casa Loma Avenue. The parking lot to the Community Center will remain closed until 7:30 a.m., so early arrival will not be accepted. Please call 714-961-7181 or check the website frequently for further information.