Residential Business


Home occupations permitted by the provisions of the zoning regulations shall comply with the following regulations:

  • There shall be no stock-in-trade other than products in the home occupation.
  • A home occupation shall be conducted in a dwelling and shall be clearly incidental to the use of the structure as a dwelling.
  • There shall be no external alteration of the dwelling in which a home occupation is conducted, and the existence of a home occupation shall not be apparent beyond the boundaries of the site, except for a nameplate in accordance with the provisions of Section 15 (Signs in R Zones).
  • No one other than a resident of the dwelling shall be employed in the conduct of a home occupation.
  • No motor or mechanical equipment shall be permitted other than normally incidental to the use of the structure as a dwelling.
  • A home occupation shall not create any radio or television interference or create noise audible beyond the boundaries of the site.
  • No smoke, odor, liquid, or solid waste shall be emitted.
  • No vehicles or trailers (including pickup trucks and vans) or construction or other equipment, except those normally incidental to residential use, shall be kept on the site.
  • A home occupation shall not create pedestrian, automobile, or truck traffic significantly in excess of the normal amount in the district.

Business License Required Before Operation

A Business License is required before a home occupation can begin operation. The license can be obtained from the Business License Technician in the Finance Department. 

For more information about licensing a residential business, please call 714-961-7145.