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Yorba Linda’s Business Outreach Program

One of the primary goals of the City is to establish, maintain, and encourage a vibrant commercial and retail environment that provides business opportunities throughout the community. As part of achieving this goal, the City has developed a program to visit with individual businesses and discuss ways in which community leaders may be able to help our business community thrive. Our Mayor, along with key City staff, has met with numerous businesses over the past several years and has received positive input, constructive criticism, and valuable suggestions for furthering business and community goals.

Mayor's Meet & Greets

The City is proactive in identifying businesses that have long been a part of the community or companies that have specific questions about their continued operation in Yorba Linda. No business is too small or too corporate for the Mayor to visit. However, there are many commercial, office, industrial, and retail operations that have yet to be visited.  The Business Outreach program is open to any interested business that desires a “meet and greet” and is encouraged to contact the City’s Economic Development Manager to be included on the interest list.  

City staff, in conjunction with the Mayor, will make every effort possible to accommodate the request and schedule an introductory meeting. The purpose of the Business Outreach meeting would be to establish contacts with the City, learn about the business operation, discuss goals or growth opportunities in the community, and define ways in which the City can become your business partner. 

Request a Business Outreach Meeting

To request a Business Outreach meeting, please email Pamela Stoker, Economic Development Manager or call 714-961-7105.

Yorba Linda Chamber of Commerce

The City of Yorba Linda's economic development services coordinates with the Yorba Linda Chamber of Commerce to provide support and incentives for starting and maintaining a business in Yorba Linda. The role of the Yorba Linda Chamber of Commerce is to foster an alliance between business owners and all local government. For more information, please call 714-993-9537 or visit the Yorba Linda Chamber of Commerce website.

Business Watch

Business Watch is a free crime prevention program that enlists the active participation of business owners in cooperation with law enforcement to prevent crime. Modeled after the nationwide Neighborhood Watch program, Business Watch encourages neighboring businesses to form a community that looks out for each other, communicates important information, and reports suspicious activity and crime. Such cooperative efforts make for a successful crime-fighting team and offer mutual aid assistance in times of disaster. This significantly impacts law enforcement’s ability to maintain safer business establishments and commercial complexes while working in cooperation with businesses. Learn more on our Business Watch page.

Agency Resources

View a list of business agency resources.