Mortgage Assistance Program (MAP)

The City of Yorba Linda has recently reinstated the Mortgage Assistance Program (MAP) to assist a limited number of low and moderate-income households in purchasing a home in our community. The assistance is in the form of a silent second loan, and participants must meet certain eligibility requirements in order to participate. For more information, please review the detailed MAP program sheet (PDF) and submit the MAP application (PDF) if you meet the eligibility requirements.

The MAP loan is in the form of a "silent second" and is considered a second mortgage on the home. The MAP participant borrows a prescribed amount from the City in addition to the amount borrowed from the lender providing the first mortgage. The more money put forth as a down payment, the less the primary mortgage borrowed and, thus, the lower the monthly payment. The program is not intended to service investment buyers.

For more information, please email Pam Stoker or call 714-961-7105.