West Bastanchury Site

Property Description

The property consists of a total of 40 acres, located on the north-west side of town, and is the last large piece of City-owned and undeveloped property left in the City. All 40 contiguous acres are currently vacant and include previous project grading and mitigated oil well sites. The City obtained and purchased portions of the property in pursuit of future public and/or private use. The City’s goal for the property is to maximize development opportunities and ensure that it is compatible and complementary to adjacent residential areas and Vista del Verde Park. This can be accomplished through various options available to the City,  such as: selling all or a portion of the site, leasing all or a portion of the site, or building City and/or community facilities on all or a portion of the site. 


The West Bastanchury Site property fronts Bastanchury Road to the south and Lakeview Avenue to the north and is bordered by the residential property to the west and east and consists of three parcels: 

  1. Northerly 7.5 acre parcel fronting Lakeview Avenue, known as the "Tank Farm Site" (part of the restricted Shell development Option Site)
  2. Centrally located 19 acre parcel (also part of the restricted Shell development Option Site), referred to as the "Main Site"
  3. A southerly 12.64 acre parcel (no restrictions, not part of Option Site) known as the "Base Site"

Development Process

  • At the August 21, 2018, City Council Meeting, the City Council authorized the City to enter into a Purchase and Sale Agreement and Joint Escrow Instructions (PSA) with Pacific Cascade Group to sell the vacant, City-owned 12.64 acre West Bastanchury - Base Site property. 
  • At the April 11, 2018 Planning Commission Meeting, Planning Commission adopted Resolution No. 5275 approving Vesting Tentative Tract Map 18123 West Bastanchury (Base Site) and the Mitigated Negative Declaration. 
  • At the February 6, 2018 City Council Meeting, Council approved the agreement with Tierra Development Advisors to broker the sale of the lower 12.64 acres of the West Bastanchury Site.  The contiguous upper 27-acres use has yet to be determined and is not a part of this sale agreement. 
  • At the April 18, 2017 City Council Meeting staff was directed to issue a RFP to retain a professional services firm for the purpose of entitling the lower 12.64 acres of the West Bastanchury property for the development of single-family homes, which will maximize both its potential value to a developer and the sale price that can be obtained by the City. 

previous City Council Reports on West Bastanchury 

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Potential Future Process

  • The City Council may direct staff to then/or also re-evaluate the contiguous upper 27-acres, referred to as the "Option Site."  Options are to sell or lease all or a portion of the site; build City and/or community facilities (public use) on all or a portion of the site; or continue to explore and consider opportunities to swap or sell the property or parts thereof in exchange for more appropriate "public land uses" elsewhere within the City or sphere of influence.