General Plan

Purpose of General Plans

A General Plan is a long-range policy and planning document that guides the physical development and resource management of the City.  The General Plan is required to be prepared in accordance with the requirements of California Government Codes Section 65300 et seq. The Plan addresses the seven mandatory elements of the California Government Code, which are land use, circulation, housing, open space, conservation, safety, and noise. Specifically, it establishes goals and policy direction to ensure that a high quality of life is preserved and enhanced for Yorba Linda residents, businesses, and visitors. 

State law requires every city and county to adopt a General Plan to layout the jurisdictions’ future—looking ahead 20 years or more. The last comprehensive update was completed in 2016; however, the Housing Element has been periodically updated with the last update completed in 2013.  State law requires the Housing Element to be updated every eight years. The City’s current Housing Element is for the period 2014 through 2021.  

Plan Elements

The City of Yorba Linda General Plan consists of a Land Use Policy Map and the following elements, or chapters, which together fulfill the State requirements for a General Plan:

General PLAN Map

To view the land use designations as outlined in the General Plan, visit Map Yorba Linda, the City’s web-based mapping application. You can also download the 2016 General Plan Land Use Map (PDF) and City of Yorba Linda Zoning Map (PDF)