Zoning Code

Chapter 18 of the Yorba Linda Municipal Code contains the City’s Zoning Code. The purpose of the Yorba Linda Zoning Code is:

  • To promote and protect the public health, safety, and welfare of the people of the City of Yorba Linda;
  • To safeguard and enhance the appearance and quality of development of the City;
  • To provide for the social, physical and economic advantages resulting from comprehensive and orderly planned use of land resources; and
  • To implement the Yorba Linda General Plan.

California Government Code Section 65850 authorizes the City Council to adopt a Zoning Code to:

  • Regulate the use of buildings, structures, and land.
  • Regulate signs and billboards.
  • Regulate the following:
    • The location, height, bulk, number of stories, and size of buildings and structures.
    • The size and use of lots, yards, courts, and other open spaces.
    • The percentage of a lot which may be occupied by a building or structure.
    • The intensity of land use.
  • Establish requirements for off-street parking and loading.
  • Establish and maintain building setback lines.
  • Create civic districts around civic centers, public parks, public buildings, or public grounds, and establish regulations for those civic districts.