Do Not Knock Registry

About Do Not Knock Registry

The City of Yorba Linda City Council passed an ordinance regulating solicitation within Yorba Linda. Per the Yorba Linda Municipal Code, effective October 21, 2010, all persons, businesses and organizations wishing to solicit in Yorba Linda for any money, funds or contributions are required to obtain a permit. Upon permit approval, commercial solicitors will be issued permanent ID cards and will be required to keep them displayed at all times. Political, religious and charitable organizations are not required to obtain a permit unless the contact involves the solicitation of money, funds or contributions. 

Registry Information

All solicitors are prohibited from soliciting at any location listed on the "Do Not Knock Registry" or from any location with a sign posted prohibiting solicitation. If you would like your address to appear on the "Do Not Knock Registry" list, please complete the Do Not Knock Registry (PDF) enrollment form and submit it to the City Clerk's Office in person, via mail, or email. You can also submit an electronic request by completing the online Do Not Knock Registry Form.

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For more information about "Do Not Knock," view the Do Not Knock Registry Information Sheet (PDF).