LMAD Tree Concerns

Over time, the trees planted on LMAD managed property have matured and achieved significant size, as they were intended to; however, some mature trees may have a negative impact on your enjoyment of your property. These impacts may include obstruction of views, falling debris, shade on solar panels, etc. Currently, trees within most LMAD areas are on a three-year tree trimming cycle.  However, a property owner may elect to request an off-cycle tree trimming or tree removal/replacement.  In these cases, the fees incurred will be at the expense of the requesting property owner.     

Tree Removal/Replacement

The City Council E-3 Policy: Tree Removal and Replacement (PDF) establishes a criteria which mitigates tree loss, pruning for view enhancement and normal thinning due to tree crowding due to the large number of mature trees and the maintenance necessary to manage them consistent with current arboricultural practices.

In such cases, there is a process in which a property owner can apply to have a limited number of trees removed or trimmed by submitting a Tree Removal Request Application (PDF). Under this policy, the LMAD must replace lost trees with up to three new trees grown in a 24” boxed containers. As this work is done solely to benefit your parcel the full cost of the trimming or removal/replacement will be the sole responsibility of the requesting party.