Introduction to LMAD

The City, under the provisions of the Landscaping and Lighting Act of 1972 (’72 Act) and the provisions of the California Constitution, Article XIII D (commonly known as “Proposition 218” or “Prop 218”), annually levies and collects special assessments for the City’s Street Lighting and Landscaping Maintenance Districts (LMAD) in order to provide and maintain various landscaping and lighting improvements throughout the City that provide special benefits to properties within the City.   

In 1994, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 94-2895 (PDF) to consolidate five assessment districts into a single city-wide assessment district known as the LMAD.  The City’s LMAD currently contains multiple different zones pertaining to landscaping, street lighting, and traffic signals. The amount of an assessment levied on a parcel of property within a particular LMAD zone is based on the special benefit received by that property as apportioned by the LMAD Engineer’s Report.