Street Lighting and landscaping Maintenance 

About the LMAD

Many of the landscaping, street lighting, and traffic signal districts are funded and maintained in part through assessments collected by the Yorba Linda Street Lighting and Landscaping Maintenance District (commonly known as the “LMAD” or “District”). Some LMAD zones are within neighborhoods, while some are comprised of arterial streets, including medians, as shown in the LMAD zone detailed maps (PDF). Through the LMAD, the City of Yorba Linda maintains numerous street lights, traffic signals, and landscape areas throughout the City, which provide an aesthetic that many residents have come to enjoy.

LMAD Maintenance

The Yorba Linda Street Lighting and Landscaping Maintenance Districts include over 500 acres of landscape, greenbelts, and multi-purpose trails as well as slopes, an urban forest of 22,000 trees, and open space throughout the city, helping to make Yorba Linda the “Land of Gracious Living.”

Non-LMAD Maintenance

The City also maintains landscaping and lighting in other public property areas, such as non-LMAD areas and parks, funded by the City's General Fund budget. The Public Works Department maintains landscaping and trees in public areas adjacent to streets, whereas the Parks and Recreation Department maintains landscaping in all City parks.

Report a Maintenance Concern

To report a maintenance concern, please call the Public Works Department at 714-386-3140 or submit a service request through MyCivic 311. Submitting a request online allows citizens to notify staff of maintenance issues such as excessive weeds, fallen tree limbs, or landscape water leaks.

When submitting a request online, including a photo captured by a smartphone is encouraged, as these images can help staff better identify the problem and resolve the concern in a more timely manner.