Grading Permits

A Grading Permit provides formal permission to perform grading in accordance with the accepted documents (plans, specifications, calculations, etc.). The City provides grading plan check services as part of the grading permit process. The City’s main objective is to assist you in understanding and navigating the grading permit process in order to obtain a permit in an effective and efficient manner. The City places a priority on providing you with quality services and resources necessary to keep your project moving.

Grading Plans

Grading plans shall be prepared and designed in accordance with the Grading Manual, Public Works Department Standard Plans, Grading Code, Zoning Code, the California Building Code, and the Standard Specification for Public Works Construction (Green Book), all latest editions.

To apply for a Grading Permit, submit all required documents electronically to

Review the Grading Documents section to view which documents will apply to your project. 

Grading Documents