The City of Yorba Linda contracts with the Orange County Sheriff's Department for Police Services. The Sheriff's Department is responsible for providing for the protection of citizens, the enforcement of laws, the apprehension of criminals, and crime prevention. 

Law enforcement services include:

  • Collision investigation;
  • Crime prevention unit;
  • General and special crime investigation;
  • Parking enforcement;
  • Patrol; and
  • Traffic enforcement.
Sheriff Department Tag and Logo for City of Yorba Linda

Chief of Police Services

Chief of Police Services, Captain Joses Walehwa, is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the City of Yorba Linda. The Chief of Police Services is the department head for Public Safety and acts as the onsite liaison who maintains daily contact with the residents, City employees, and City officials. 


The Chief uses statistical information to make assessments of crime trends, traffic issues and to identify specific areas of concern to the City. During significant events or emergency situations, the Chief will provide necessary information to city officials, as well as formulate a course of action to protect the citizens and the City's interests. 

The Chief will take command of police personnel during any local emergency or natural disaster within the City. The Chief attends City Council meetings and facilitates open lines of communication between the City, the community, and business members.