Speaking at a Council Meeting

At the beginning of each City Council Meeting, the City Council holds a “public comment” session in which anyone can address the City Council for five (5) minutes.


Please be advised that in accordance with Governor Gavin Newsom’s Executive Orders N-25-20 (PDF) and N-29-20 (PDF), this meeting will be accessible to the public via cable Channel 3, Channel 99 AT&T U-VERSE, and electronically to promote social distancing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In order to ensure the safety of the public, City Council and staff, in-person public participation at meetings of the City Council will not be allowed during the time period covered by the above-referenced Executive Orders. Instead, members of the public can watch the televised meeting, or view the meeting online.


There will be two methods available for submitting a public comment for City Council meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic: telephonically (verbally) or in writing. To request to make a verbal public comment or a written public comment, please carefully follow the instructions provided below. Both options will require an email to be sent to the City Clerk. Please note: the email "subject line" must clearly state "Written Comments" or "Verbal Comments."


Members of the public wanting to address the City Council, either for public comment or for a specific agenda item, or both, are requested to send an email notification to the City Clerk’s Office at cityclerk@yorbalindaca.gov, and specify the following information:

  1. Full Name;
  2. City of Residence;
  3. Phone Number (for Verbal Comments, you must provide the phone number you will use to participate telephonically);
  4. Public Comment or Agenda Item Number (indicate "public comment" if you have a general comment);
  5. Subject; and
  6. Written or Verbal Comments.

Please be advised: The email subject line must clearly state "Verbal Comments" if you would like to make a verbal comment.

Requests to speak must be emailed to the City Clerk at cityclerk@yorbalindaca.gov no later than 3:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting. The City will facilitate the ability for a member of the public to be audible to the City Council and general public for the item(s) by contacting them via email with instructions on how to participate telephonically. Only one person at a time will participate telephonically and only after being recognized by the Mayor or City Clerk. City staff reserve the right to not accept calls from phone numbers that are not pre-registered to give a public comment during the City Council meeting.


You may submit comments on any agenda item or on any item not on the agenda in writing via email to the City Clerk’s office at cityclerk@yorbalindaca.gov by 3:00 p.m. on the day of the City Council meeting. If you wish to comment on a specific agenda item, please identify the item in your email. General public comments will be addressed during the general public comment item on the agenda. When emailing your comment, the email subject line must clearly state "Written Comments".

ADA Compliance

It is the intention of the City to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in all respects. If, as an attendee or a participant at a meeting, you need special assistance beyond what is normally provided, the City will attempt to accommodate you in every reasonable manner. Please contact the City Clerk’s office at least 48-hours prior to the meeting to inform us of your particular need and to determine if the accommodation is feasible.