Speaking at a Council Meeting

At the beginning of each City Council Meeting, the City Council holds a “public comment” session in which anyone can address the City Council for five (5) minutes.  You may fill out a Public Comment Card and submit it to the City Clerk.  The Mayor will call your name to speak.  

When addressing the City Council, please step forward to the podium and:

  • Speak directly into the microphone
  • State your name clearly for the record
  • State your city of residence

View City Council Policy A-25 (PDF) for guidelines about giving an audio-visual presentation at a City Council Meeting.

ADA Compliance

It is the intention of the City to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in all respects. If, as an attendee or a participant at a meeting, you need special assistance beyond what is normally provided, the City will attempt to accommodate you in every reasonable manner. Please contact the City Clerk’s office at least 48-hours prior to the meeting to inform us of your particular need and to determine if the accommodation is feasible.