Council Meeting Video Streaming

The public may access City Council agendas, including accompanying staff reports, minutes, and view City Council meetings below. 

  • To search for a meeting or content within a meeting, use the search bar below.
  • To view an upcoming meeting, scroll down this page to the section titled "Upcoming Meetings." All upcoming meetings, that have been published, will appear at the top of the page.  
  • To view past meetings, scroll down this page to the section titled "Past Meetings", select the year, then select the meeting type. All meetings during the selected calendar year will be displayed. 

Use the Agenda option to watch the meeting and view meeting documents.  To view the meeting without the documents, use the Video option. Use the Minutes option to view documents only. If you are having issues, please email the City's Help Desk for technical support.

Accessing on Mobile Devices

Properly viewing content on a mobile device may require your device to be in landscape mode. To place your device in landscape mode, rotate it so that the screen is wider than it is tall. If you are having issues viewing the agendas, minutes, and video on a mobile device, you can also access this information on the mobile viewing page