About the Building Division

The Building Division of the Community Development Department exists to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our community by ensuring that the buildings and structures which comprise our built environment are safe, efficient, sustainable and affordable. The Building Division accomplishes this through three inter-related activities:

  1. Plan Review
  2. Construction Inspection
  3. Permit Record Administration

Plan Review

Through plan review, staff evaluates projects to ensure compliance with federal, state, county and local statutes. Plans, calculations, details and technical data are examined to assess compliance with regulatory standards that are intended to address the effects of seismic activity, environmental exposure to severe weather, fire hazards, and other life-safety considerations. Additionally, energy efficiency, accessibility to individuals with physical challenges, structural design and resiliency are compared to established minimum standards before plans can be approved.

Construction Inspection Process

The construction inspection process provides an opportunity for the Building Division's certified inspection team to examine projects at all stages of construction. Any deviations from the approved plans, or conflicts with applicable codes and standards must be corrected before the inspector will allow a project to proceed. Once code compliance is obtained, the inspection progress continues up to the final inspection and then to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy. 

Permit Record Administration

Through detailed permit record administration, the Building Division maintains an accurate history of all approved construction throughout the community. Basic information is kept regarding all legally constructed buildings, which are ever constructed, altered, remodeled or demolished under a validly issued permit.

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