Information Technology 

The Information Technology (IT) Division is responsible for providing innovative technology solutions that achieve the strategic goals of the City Council. To achieve these goals, IT partners with the other City Departments to provide cost effective, secure, and reliable solutions. 

Information Technology currently provides support for the following areas:


IT utilizes the following City Council goals to help align the City’s IT initiatives with the City’s overall business objectives:

  • Provide a high-quality community environment for all Yorba Linda residents and businesses.
  • Provide high quality, constituent friendly City services.
  • Establish, maintain, and encourage a vibrant commercial and retail environment that provides business opportunities throughout the community.
  • Ensure the short term and long term financial security of the City.


Based on the relevant initiatives, IT is working on the following projects in fiscal year 2018/2019:


  • Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP): Provide project management and technical support for the implementation of an ERP solution.
  • Council Chambers Redesign: Update the audio-visual infrastructure of the Council Chambers to include updated lighting, a new dais, high definition meeting streaming, and electronic voting.
  • Geographic Information System (GIS): Create an accurate GIS system, integrate it with the County and Special Districts, and start deployment of web-based mapping services.
  • Security: Roll out a Security Awareness campaign and have a network penetration test performed.
  • Personnel: Onboard the new position of IT Analyst.


  • Fiber Optics on Casa Loma: Install laterals at the Thomas Lasorda Jr. Field House and Yorba Linda Community Center to install fiber optic cabling.
  • Library Update: Update the technology infrastructure at the Library to meet City standards.
  • Wireless Upgrade: Upgrade the wireless infrastructure at City Hall, Yorba Linda Community Center, and the Thomas Lasorda Jr. Field House.
  • Video System: Install a new IP camera video system at City Hall, Yorba Linda Community Center, City Yard, and Thomas Lasorda Jr. Field House.
  • Phone System Replacement: Replace current phone system and consolidate phone lines.