Main Street Historic District

Main Street Yorba Linda may be small in length but large in the historical significance of the City of Yorba Linda's original “downtown.” From an unpaved road with scattered shops to today’s quaint street with a variety of family business entrepreneurs, Main Street is beloved by resident locals. 

Among the buildings, several historic structures remain dotted along the tree-lined street. The City commemorated the historic downtown with the placement of an iconic arch over the primary entrance to the downtown area near Imperial Highway.

Main Street

Main Street Merchants’ Association

The Main Street Merchants’ Association was founded in 1992 as a collaboration of business owners to promote a shared community interest along Main Street. Over the years, the merchants have provided a means to attract interest to the area through community events such as craft fairs, pet expos, an annual holiday celebration, and a Celebrate Yorba Linda event held in June. The Merchant’s Association is intended to provide a local attraction for residents and a philanthropic purpose with event donations contributing to Relay for Life, Food for Families, the Logan Foundation, and Caterina’s Club.


Recent development activity surrounding Main Street has spurred a renewed interest in tenancy. Property and business owners have taken note of the opportunities that lie ahead to reinvent this charming area in the center of town. New restaurants have recently been approved, and property owners are looking for an occasion to bring a unique shopping and dining experience to the streetscape. To aid in the revitalization effort, the City has made many enhancements to the public areas, including new lighting, street furniture, pedestrian links, and signage.